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Always wanted to start a nonprofit? 

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In order to get nonprofit applications approved expeditiously, organizations must eliminate the common RED FLAGS presented to the IRS and provide detailed information for each line item. In this eBook, I have answered the most Frequently Asked Questions for each section of the application for organizations such as mentoring programs, daycares, afterschool programs, and transitional housing, etc. If the organization is developing a school (Schedule B) or hospital (Schedule C), you will require additional assistance beyond the scope of this eBook. This eBook does include tips for 1) churches (Schedule A), 2) homes for the elderly or handicapped and low-income housing (Schedule F), and also 3) organizations providing scholarships, fellowships, educational loans, or other educational grants to individuals (Schedule H).

The IRS has changed the application several times in the past, and the IRS announced that they will eventually provide the application electronically. Nonetheless, the core data required remains the same. This eBook is based on the most current revision of IRS Form 1023.